Welcome to my website, my name is Dhruv and I’m a self-taught software engineer mostly interested in backend with a pinch of frontend engineering. I started programming in May of 2021 and started working professionally in July 2022. The first language that I learnt and the one that I work in primarily is Python, though Rust is quickly taking over my interests and I also like Go, alongside some exposure to frontend technologies like React and tiny bits of Svelte – would certainly like to learn more about frontend moving forward.
I am currently enjoying working on some small side projects, learning about computer science concepts and contributing to the Rust-based 2d graph editor Graphite.


I was learning Spanish and French before pivoting to tech, it has been two plus years now but I still listen to Spanish songs on a regular basis. Reading is a big passion of mine and I’m currently reading the Witcher series (completed 7 out of the 8 books), and also going through Programming Rust.
I’m also into audio-gear – Creative Pebble V3 for the desk and the Truthear X Crinacle Zero, EQd to Project Red V3, for mostly all other occasions. Both of these options are great value products and I’m super happy with them, for the time being :P I would also like to splurge a bit on a cool mechanical keyboard but my current one works fine except for a few keys, so we wait...


You can write to me at my email, connect with me on LinkedIn and find my side-activity and projects on Github.